Is internet addiction- the new addiction this pandemic, Can it be treated at rehab centers?

There are two types of addiction:
Chemical dependency includes alcohol, smoking, and drugs that are harmful to the health of your body and brain
Nondrug dependency includes addiction due to improper and repetitive behavior like gambling, overeating, internet addiction, and digital addiction
This behavioral addiction in the long run can lead to alcohol, smoking, and drug addiction which can be destructive for your life. We help you with all kind of addiction including behavioral addiction

Are behavioral addictions the same as drug addiction?

Behavioral addiction results in an individual who continues to engage in the same behavior despite persistent consequences. Addictions may look different in terms of perception but all are the same like drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and behavioral -addiction. The results of addiction can be different like

  • Gambling can cause the financial crisis
  • Alcohol can cause liver damage

Directly and indirectly, financial crisis or loss may occur due to both gambling and alcoholism. The results of addiction on health and life must be taken into consideration.

What is the impact of the addiction on the brain and how it is treated at rehab centers?

The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) defines addiction as “ the primary disease of the brain circuit that is responsible for modulating motivation, reward, and memory.” This accounts for why individuals continue to engage in the behavior of addiction, despite experiencing the adverse consequences.
Treatment at rehab center: Let’s not forget the proverb “Practise makes a man perfect.” When your brain is continuously tuned to practice a healthy lifestyle, it becomes addicted to it. We help you from the core root to forget your cravings and increase your desire for a better healthy lifestyle.

Can I get rid of addiction forever at the rehab center?

Yes, At rehab centers, we have special expertise in treating addiction from the root cause. The cravings and withdrawal symptoms are taken care of for an addict. Getting your life back on track is the main motto of the rehab centers. You should approach a rehab center to give up on addiction and put an end to your addictions
Cure and relapse are taken care of at the rehab centers. Do not try giving up addiction by yourself if it’s chronic addiction for years. You need a professional approach and treatment plan which must be executed with the help of a counselor to give up the addiction.

Most alcoholics and drug addicts complain that the detox program at rehab never helped them to put an end to addiction. Is it true?

First of all, It is important to note that the de-addiction program is not just a “detox“ program. A detox program is just a first step to initiate treatment for de-addiction. There are series of programs with comprehensive care given by reputed rehabs that specialize in the treatment of addiction. Comprehensive care would include the following:

    • Detailed case consultation
    • Detox
    • Conventional treatment like Medications if required
    • Supportive treatment Natural therapies
    • Extensive Mental counseling in form of motivation
    • Exercise, yoga, and meditation
    • Behavior therapies
    • De-Addiction programs
    • Self-help groups
    • Therapeutic treatment
    • Short term residential treatment
    • 24/7 round the clock Close monitoring

I have tried giving up alcohol many times but I can’t give up in spite of repeated efforts. Can rehab help?

Alcohol addiction starts from consuming a few sips of alcohol at social gatherings and parties. Slowly and steadily, the alcohol will empower you and your brain which will result in cravings. Defeating these desires of indulgence into alcohol or cravings is very important to put an end to addiction. At rehab centers, with cravings and withdrawal symptoms, both are given special attention to fighting addiction. Your willpower is equally important. Once you give up the addiction, regular follow-up with your counselor is a must to cure addiction and never have a relapse.

I have messed up my life with addiction. Can rehab centers help me get on track? How long will the treatment continue?

Drug addiction is very harmful and destructive not only for the life of an addict but also for their families. The rehab centers understand the situation of every family who is dealing with the addiction of their loved one. You need to understand that giving up addiction requires dedication and commitment. A professional expertise and health care are a must. You might have tried many times to give up addiction on your own but it is not possible. Special care with 24/7 round-the-clock monitoring with a personalized treatment approach is important.
Accepting addiction and defeating it is very essential. Chronic addiction needs long-term treatment from 90 – 120 days. However, once you feel better you can extend the treatment plan to 180 months as maintenance therapy at a drug rehab center which helps you deal with relapse.

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