Signs of Addiction

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Signs of Addiction

Any kind of intoxication or addiction is injurious to our health. Intoxication of things like alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, and drugs, only spoils the health of the person who consumes them. Also, it affects the physical and mental health of the people around it.

Ways Addiction affects your health:

Increased appetite:

If suddenly the appetite of you or someone around you starts increasing very much, then the reason for this can also be an addiction. Yes, the appetite of those who are addicted to drugs increases very much. In such a situation, he starts eating more food than his normal routine diet. This is an important symptom of detecting addiction, especially in children and teenagers.

Changing eye color and shape:

Due to intoxication and addiction, there are many changes in the eyes of the people. Eyes appear swollen or small. Similarly, the color of the eyes becomes red. The eyes of such people look tired and weak even after getting intoxicated.

Change in body weight:

Change in weight can also be a symptom of intoxication. Especially those who are addicted to drugs suddenly start losing very little weight. Similarly, it has been seen many times that people who consume alcohol gain a lot of weight.

Being silent or lonely:

This habit is seen in people who are addicts and especially children, when they start taking drugs, then suddenly they start living in isolation from others. Such people start liking loneliness. These people also shy away from meeting others, talking, or even sitting with them. Sometimes they are unable to tolerate the presence of someone else in their space and get angry.

Know if your loved one is falling into the trap of addiction

Nowadays, drug addiction among children and teenagers is increasing rapidly. Even adults are not spared from the trap of addiction. Cigarette smoking and drinking have become common things nowadays. The situation has become so serious that even dangerous things like drugs, heroin, or cocaine are no longer out of reach for children. Obviously, addiction not only causes health damage but also destroys careers. Many people believe that this addiction in a person comes from friends or his company. No friend tells this act of his friend to his family members. Well, we are telling you about some such symptoms, by which you can know that your loved one is smoking or taking drugs or not.

 1)Chewing gum or toffee

Does your loved one eat too much toffee or chewing gum? This could mean that he is trying to hide the smell of smoking through these things. If after coming from outside his mouth smells of toffee etc., then you should be smart to detect the signs of addiction

2) Matches and lighter

If matches and lighters are ever found in his pocket, you should be alert. Obviously, these things can only be found with a smoker.

3) Rolling paper

If any rolled paper is found in your loved one’s bag or drawer, you should be alerted immediately.

4) Spend more money

Is he spending more money than his pocket money? Drugs are expensive and once addicted to them, a person wastes money like water.

5) Eyes red and small

This is actually the best way to find out if someone is intoxicated. In fact, such people become more considerate and sympathetic than usual. But you can tell by his red and small eyes.

6) Eye Drop

Drug addicts use eye drops a lot to hide red eyes. If any such drop is unnecessarily found in his drawer or bag, then you should initiate an inquiry.

7) Losing more weight

Generally, the weight of drug addicts starts falling rapidly. Especially if they are taking something like crystal meth or heroin.

8) Habit of being alone

If your visit to your loved one’s room makes him annoyed, that could be a sign. Of course, most people like to be alone. But if he seems more annoyed by your presence, it means something is wrong.

9) Feeling hungry

An intoxicated person tends to eat more. If he suddenly starts eating five Rotis to nine rotis, then be alert.

10 ) Mood swings

Getting angry and irritable or restless on small petty things is a sign of addiction

Addiction to anything is bad for health. These days young generation is becoming more and more addicted to drugs. Being addicted to anything can prove fatal and fatal to health. Some symptoms are seen in a person when he is addicted to things like cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc. It can be ascertained from the gesture and way of living of the person that he is addicted to drugs.

Along with this, many types of diseases also surround him as his immunity is certainly reduced. The symptoms are seen in the body due to addiction, the addicted person starts eating more food than his earlier diet or may eat less all of a sudden which can be quite alarming. A person becomes weak when he is addicted to drugs. Such people get tired quickly even after doing little work. The nature of a drug addict is irritable. Such persons get very angry even about small things.

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